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Devitts is open to the public from 5am Mon-Sat. There is no minimum order to purchase. Popular items are displayed in the shop, but we have a lot of other stock available and if you need something you don’t see just ask for it. Take advantage of our regular blackboard specials.

We get deliveries everyday so our product is fresh and turnover is high. You can order anything you like and a butcher will cut it fresh for you on the spot. We also offer a cryovac service, it’s a convenient way to store your meat especially if you are travelling or camping. If your order is large or cryo, order it the day before by phone or email and we’ll have it ready for you.

The health and well-being of our product is important to us. We are conscious of animal welfare and traceability programs. All fresh meat is free from harmful chemical residues and pathogens.

Gift trays and vouchers are available for purchase and make an ideal gift for your favourite carnivore.